Technikos owns minority stakes in all IBME spinout companies, receiving pre-seed equity as a result of the agreement made between the University of Oxford and the Technikos partnership in 2006. The IBME research groups are focus on developing research and technology to facilitate the needs of the end clinical user, fit for purpose technologies developed as a response to an unmet clinical need.

The portfolio companies license intellectual property (“IP”) from the University of Oxford, from external institutions like MIT, and develop IP internally as they action their business models and look to commercialise their technologies.

A few examples of technologies within the Technikos portfolio are listed below:


Oxsonics was spun-out of the IBME in 2013 to further develop and commercialise developments into a therapeutic delivery protocol which uses novel nanoparticles catalysed by ultrasound.

OxSonics >

OrganOx is currently commercialising novel normo-thermic perfusion technology within the organ transplant market. The company was spun-out in 2008, has received a CE mark having undertaken clinical trials, and is currently looking to launch the device in Europe.

OrganOx >
CN Bio

CN Bio develops microfluidic Organ-on-Chip devices that mimic human organ structure and function in the laboratory for translationally relevant studies of human biology, disease and drug response.

CN Bio >

Oxehealth is a software solution which derives real time vital sign information through video feeds from conventionally employed cameras.

Oxehealth >
Oxford Endovascular

Oxford Endovascular is a recent spinout, employed to further develop and commercialise a novel, micro flow-diverter to treat cerebral aneurysms more efficaciously than current devices in the market.

Oxford Endovascular >