Technikos is a partnership formed in 2006 to help commercialise technologies developed out of Oxford University’s Institute for Biomedical Engineering (“IBME”). Working alongside IBME academics and researchers, the partnership was employed to assist in seeding of new ventures in the hope to commercialise novel biomedical and medical technologies developed to address the unmet needs of today’s clinical markets.

Under the terms of the agreement with the university, in lieu of prior funding, Technikos receives an equitable stake in all spinouts generated by the IBME, with further rights to co-invest in funding the commercialisation of the technologies.

The portfolio consists of novel technologies across a plethora of medical subsectors, covering machine learning solutions for broad medical applications, niche normo-thermic perfusion technologies, to biocompatible nanoparticles helping to facilitate delivery of oncology therapeutics.

The IBME’s core research missions are to develop novel medical devices, technology and systems capable of delivering substantial healthcare benefit, and to translate new engineering technologies into clinical practice.

The Technikos partnership was founded under the belief that in order to progress clinical efficacy, substantial investment is needed in the right people and infrastructure, fostering the right innovation to help change the footprint of clinical practice, reduce cost and improve clinical outcomes.